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Asset – Background

Woman Pulling Files from File CabinetNationwide Legal, LLC specializes in conducting financial investigations to determine an individual or business’ financial standing for the purpose of assisting you with pre- litigation feasibility and post-judgment collections.

Asset investigations are conducted in full compliance with all applicable laws in performing the investigation.  These include, but are not limited to, the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA), Federal Banking Commission (FBC),  the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), State and Federal Laws.

Our asset and background services are typically applied in support of the following:

Due Diligence: The initial vetting process will reveal and verify information necessary to identify any red flags which could prove damaging. It is imperative to not only confirm ownership of assets in a secured transaction, the financial well-being and integrity of an individual or corporation prior to any engagement, but also to ensure the credibility of a witness and the qualifications of a potential or current employee for the sake of hiring or promoting. A vendor on the verge of filing bankruptcy or an investment that is not being properly managed can be very costly.

Divorce and Probate A spouse can hold ownership of assets either directly or through an LLC, Corporation or Trust.  Often times these are unknown to the other party. It is possible that a marriage is invalid because a prior marriage has not been legally terminated.

Pre-Litigation and Post-Judgment:  It is important to know the feasibility of collecting damages prior to litigation, as well as, to obtain valuable information on the location of assets and all sources of income held by an individual or a corporation, including any real property and collateral. Post-Judgment liquid assets including bank and investment accounts held in ownership by the subject/entity can be identified. We are also able to assist in the seizure of those assets and determine if the debtor is currently employed, so wages can be garnished.

Fraud and Embezzlement: Surveillance can be placed on  suspects to determine how embezzled assets are being spent and also identify expenditures that appear to exceed the suspects’ regular income. It is common for suspects to spend stolen assets in an exuberant manner and/or to live outside of their means.

Collections: A  review of your firms’ collection accounts and judgments will allow us to identify accounts that hold the most potential to be collected on, based upon available assets and potential liquidity.