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Here at Nationwide Legal, we are especially proud of our sales team, which consistently goes above and beyond to serve as the first and last points of contact with our clientele.

 Here are our Account Executives by location:

Mr. Michael LazcanoSenior Vice PresidentDirector of Sales

Ms. Patty Green – Los Angeles / Orange County

Patty has over 25 years of working in the legal field.  She has a tremendous understanding of how to accommodate the requirements and needs of all size law firms.  In 2009 Patty joined the Nationwide Legal’s sales team.

Mr. Jason Melvin – Los Angeles

Jason has been with Nationwide Legal since 2011 and has been in the litigation support industry servicing law firms and corporations for the past 10 years.  Along with attorney and messenger services, he also provides comprehensive discovery services to case teams responding to document requests as part of a litigation or investigation.  Jason is a Relativity Certified Sales Pro.

Ms. Mary Bukovskis – Orange County

Mary started in this industry on the “other side” of the fence, having been a legal secretary for 14 years prior to entering the attorney service field.  She worked as an account executive with First Legal for 7 years before joining Nationwide Legal, LLC in 2010.  Her work background gives her a unique perspective insofar as she understands firsthand the demands placed on legal assistants and the time constraints they work under. She therefore makes prompt and effective customer service her priority.

Mr. Chuck Bristow – Orange County

Chuck started in operations at Now Attorney Service and when Express Network opened, he was the office manager of their Orange County office.  From there Chuck moved into sales and eventually owned his own attorney service for eight years. He has a strong understanding of his clients’ needs and draws on his past experiences to help them navigate through the courts’ rapidly changing rules.

Mr. Mike Taraban – Bay Area

Mike began his sales career in the ground transportation business in 1988. He has been in the attorney service industry for over 17 years and with Nationwide Legal since 2007. Customer service and communication are the cornerstones of his business philosophy as his clients can attest. A native of Chicago, Mike has lived in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1977.

Mr. Bud Hart – Arizona

Bud has been spearheading the development of Nationwide Legal in Arizona with the implementation of an In-house Investigations Unit and helping with the development of Document & Subpoena Solutions Program.  Bud has worked with several legal organizations within the state and on a national platform such as: ALA, APA and was the Director of Marketing for NALS of Arizona 2011.

Ms. Sigrid Propper – San Diego

Sigrid came to Nationwide Legal, LLC in 2010 from  the business world.  She brought with her a plethora of  strategies the attorney service arena had  not seen.  Sigrid has been instrumental in updating our UD software  and training staff on how to use it.  Sigrid’s  unwavering  professionalism and knowledge tempered with her commitment for her clients’  satisfaction makes her a valuable player in the Nationwide Team.


 Client Relations Department

Our Customer Relations Department assists our sales team for specific tasks. Don’t be surprised to see them pop by every now and again.

Ms. Rosa Macias – Los Angeles



To obtain more information about our services, feel free to email us at sales@nationwideasap.com.