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Services - Nationwide Legal

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Nationwide Legal is committed to helping you meet your deadline.

Nationwide Legal, LLC provides a broad spectrum of comprehensive legal support services at an unparalleled level of quality.  The following is a list of our most commonly requested services.

Court Filing

Nationwide Legal will file and record documents by your deadline in any State, Federal, Limited, Unlimited, Civil, Criminal, Appellate, Bankruptcy or any other court in any jurisdiction.

We have full-time personnel stationed at the courthouses throughout our California offices ready to receive and file last minute documents curbside.  We will coordinate and review your documents before filing.  Our clients can rest assured that Nationwide will get the job done not only quickly but accurately


Nationwide Legal is now capable of handling your eFiling requests and will securely and promptly eFile your documents with state and federal courts that accept or mandate eFiling.  Your documents will go from your computer, through our portal, into the selected court’s case management system.  Users will be able to create, review, file and track the entire filing process virtually, from any location, which has access to the internet, via secure web browser.  NWL also offers the option of eFiling documents on behalf of its clients for a flat fee.

PDF/Fax Filing

Our highly experienced court services personnel will set up your filings by ensuring that all local and statutory rules are followed, as well as provide the appropriate number of original, conformed and courtesy copies, tab the exhibits, add blue backs when necessary, and provide you with real time statuses and conformed caption pages via PDF.


Nationwide Legal provides high performing and cost-effective e-Discovery services by having the ability to identify, collect, process, analyze, and produce information requested in litigation or regulatory compliance in abbreviated time frames.

Daily Pick-Ups and Inter-Office Pouch

Nationwide Legal provides a daily pick-up from your office by having one of our staff court runners pick up your legal documents at a pre-arranged time.  Each assignment will be carefully reviewed for any inaccuracies prior to filing with the appropriate court.  The conformed copies will be returned to your office. Nationwide Legal will also pick up and deliver your inter-office correspondence and pouches.

Ground Courier and Messenger Service

Nationwide Legal Services’ fully staffed fleet of motorcycles, vans, cars, trucks, bicyclists and walkers, along with a professional team of messengers, couriers and internal operations specialists are dedicated to delivering your time sensitive documents on time.

Our team of dispatchers and drivers coordinate to handle and track a large volume of orders quickly and efficiently with the ability to provide accurate, “real time” statuses from the field to ensure that your deliveries are completed on time

Service of Process

Nationwide Legal provides coverage of all aspects of service of process and investigations including: stakeouts, skip tracing, non-routine, multiple-party, multiple-address service, investigations, and preparing and filing proofs of service.

Our service of process department will provide you with up-to-date status reports with the exact details of your service, including dates and times of every attempt, along with an executed and filed proof of service, once your documents have been served.

For rush and special assignments, we can email or fax the copy of the filed proof of service prior to sending you the original.

Public Records, Court Research and Document Retrieval

Nationwide Legal handles all aspects of court research, document retrieval, index search, and copy requests, for all state, federal, civil and criminal courthouses and archives, as well as for the County Recorder, Department of Workers Compensation, Department of Corporations, Secretary of State, archives, law libraries, medical facilities, non-court locations and other agencies.

In addition to having direct online access to dockets and indexing of cases in numerous courts nationwide, litigation support specialists at Nationwide Legal expedites the retrieval process, ensuring that all the applicable protocols and guidelines are followed. Nationwide Legal can advance all the necessary fees and deliver your copies via messenger, fax or email.

Document Solutions

Document Solutions branch is a sub-division of Nationwide Legal, LLC and handles all on and off-site subpoena photocopy needs with utmost attention to detail, ensuring that every assignment is carefully checked for legibility and sequencing.  The integrity of the original documents are maintained while insuring all deadlines are met.

Document Solutions services include: medical, business and legal records copying, production by subpoena or authorization, deposition officer capabilities, on and off-site high volume document production, scanning and imaging, oversize exhibit board, cd conversion, mobile copy, video and audio tape duplication, color copying, binding services, paper to paper copying.

Online Document Repository

Our highly secure Online Document Repository allows for increased efficiency and represents a source of competitive advantage, particularly in the data-intensive legal field.

Documents are scanned and stored online and offsite, and the integrity of the materials is guaranteed. Our Online Document Repository provides powerful searching, tagging, sorting, grouping and annotating of files and images, which enables easy navigation and organization of the data. Documents uploaded to our repository are immediately available to any authorized party with access to the internet, whether at home, on the road or at the office.

Unlawful Detainer Services

Nationwide Legal Services’ unlawful detainer services deal exclusively with all areas of foreclosures and evictions.  This includes a range of services spanning from prepping, serving and/or filing time-sensitive documents, including, but not limited to: notices to quit, proofs of service, defaults, dismissals, orders to  post, writs of possession and any other pertinent subsequent documents.

Nationwide Legal provides the following as part of its standard service:

GPS tracking, photos upon completion, routing software, email confirmations upon completion, online order entry and tracking, UD support desk (which handles a variety of matters including court appearances, status, cost and research requests), email and storage of the notices to quit, proofs of service and summons and complaints

Collection Services

Nationwide Legal operates a high-volume, full-service collections department, which provides collection services from beginning to end: pre-judgment to post-judgment, including a post-judgment collection unit, which specializes in handling writs of attachment, writs of execution, including wage garnishments (earnings withholding orders) and bank levies for state as well as federal writs, under the Enforcement of Judgments Act of 1983.

Our experienced post-judgment collection specialists are knowledgeable in all aspects of the post-judgment collection process and provide services ranging from preparation of all the required documents, process service of writs, opening files with the appropriate sheriff’s offices, filing the proofs of service within the required time frame, and at the same time staying updated on and complying with any new regulations and requirements.